Pelangi Indonesia

Jl. Colombo No. 8, Samirono Baru, Yogyakarta

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Pelangi Indonesia is an educative daycare, kindergarten, playgroup and children courses. This institution offers : universal religious values, multikultural considerations, Green School, colaboration not competition.

Salman Al Farisi 3

Timur Masjid Pogung Raya, Pogung Baru D-33A, Sinduadi, Mlati, Yogyakarta

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Salman Al Farisi 3 is an integrated Islamic playgroup and kindergarten. Therefore, the school is designed specifically for children up to the age of 6 years featuring comfort, safety, and orderliness.

Bias - Giwangan

Jl. Mendung Warih No. 125, Giwangan, Yogyakarta

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Founded in 1994, BIAS is an Islamic child center that provides service in baby daycare, playgroup, and kindergarten.

Bianglala Daycare & Playgroup

Jl. Kopen Utama No. 14-A Rt 010, Ngaglik, Yogyakarta

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Bianglala is a non-profit institution that provides service in daycare, playgroup and kindergarten. The aim is to be working with parents to build the early life fondation for their kids. This institution was founded in 2005.

Al Isyraq Moslem School

Jl. Gemah Barat No. 5, Pedurungan, Semarang

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Al Isyraq is an Islamic daycare, playgroup and kindergarten that is available for children aged 1-6 years).

Taman Belia Candi

Jl. Singotoro No. 10 A, Jomblang, Candi Sari, Semarang

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Taman Belia Candi thrives to give the best for your child by offering using student centered approach and cultural values to form the basic fondation of children that are not only smart academically, but also emotionally and emotioanally.

Akachan Daycare

Jl. Kelud Utara Iv No. 2A, Sampangan, Semarang

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Akachan is a daycare that provides half or full day service and available for kids aged 3 months - 5 years old.

Negeri Mentari Day Care

Jalan Nangka 1/ 12, Semarang.

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Negeri Mentari daycare is a daycare with three branches around Semarang. This daycare provides half and full day service starting from IDR 20.000. Opening hours 07.30 - 16.00. Available for kids aged 3 monhs - 6 years.

Rumah Ceria

Jl. Tlogo Berlian No. 42 Rt 04/07, Palebon Pedurungan, Semarang, 50199

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Rumah Ceria is a daycare located at Jl. Tlogo Berlian No.42 RT 04/07, Palebon Pedurungan Semarang, 50199.

Child Day Care Merby

Jl. Pandanaran Ii No. 2D, Semarang, 50241

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Merby is a daycare and an enrichment centers for many skills for children, such as art, music, language, and many others.