Green Montessori School (GMS) seamlessly applies a highly effective Montessori approach as its main foundation. Guided closely by Montessori approach, all of our curriculums, teachers, activities, and environments are carefully designed to develop children’s lifelong desire for learning. As Montessori method is student-centered, we customize our approach to suit each student’s interest and pace. With no doubt, Montessori students will find that study is STRESS-FREE and INTERESTING. Green Montessori School also combines its Montessori approach with two values: Islamic and Environmental. Firstly, our Islamic Values to present our strife to provide the Islamic foundation for our students covering Islamic Studies (History, Aqidah Akhlak, Fiqh), Qur’an Studies, and Arabic Language. Secondly, our Environmental Values that summarize the belief that mankind must live in harmony with nature. The combination of these two concepts set us apart from other Montessori schools in Indonesia.


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Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No. 133, Jakarta Selatan 12760, Indonesia.